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I have completed my B.arch from India last year and I want to go for masters in US, also I got my green card this year.

I'm confused about which course to choose, I don't want to go for designing so M.arch is not an option. Other choices I was considering were Construction management and MS in architecture. MS in architecture is perfect blend of learning of technology with also a touch of designing, but I'm not sure about it's future scope in US, while CPM has really good market nowadays. So, which course I should opt for? and are there any other ones which should be taken in consideration?

also, can I get a job(or internship) in architecture field before doing master's?

Jun 10, 19 3:15 pm

What is your career goal?  Why do you want to get a masters in the US?

Jun 10, 19 4:06 pm

If I want to start a career in the US, I have to study there further.


And even after completing B.arch, I'm still not sure which way I should proceed further apart from I definitely don't want to go for M.arch(designing).


What type of career do you want to start in the US? You say you don't want to go for an M.Arch, but if what you want to pursue is a job in an architecture firm, and eventual licensing as an architect in the US, then an M.Arch would be the most straightforward way to achieve that.  A non NAAB-accredited degree isn't going to help you much with a career as an architect in the US.  A construction management degree would make sense if you want a career as a project manager for a construction firm... is that the goal?  You need to be much more specific about your goals in order to get useful career-specific advice.

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