Queries for MArch from Canada after completing BArch from India



I am an architecture student from India looking to study m.arch in Canada. I did my bachelor's degree from Indraprastha University in New Delhi. I would like to eventually get settled in Canada.

What are the universities I should apply to and how do I get the license to work there?

Jun 5, 19 8:55 pm
Non Sequitur

Start with the CACB and verify if your existing degree is eligible for reciprocity.  If not, then look at the 10 (or 11?) accredited schools in Canada.  Just note that it's a pretty damn big country... so consider location when applying to schools.

The process to becoming a professional architect in Canada is as follows:

  1. Complete accredited M.arch degree
  2. Register as intern architect, pay annual dues (+\- $150CAD per year)
  3. Complete intern development program
    1. Find a job in a licensed architecture practice
    2. Complete minimum hours in the defined categories
    3. Have hours signed and accepted by your provincial association
  4. Apply and write architect exams (ExACs)
    1. Available only in november, cost is +\- $800CAD and you must take all 4 tests over 2 days.
    2. Pass the exams
  5. Apply to license, pay annual dues (+\- $1000CAD/year)
    1. Get a nice piece of paper and extra letters after your name
  6. Call yourself an architect without having to specify that you're only an "intern" or whatever.

But you don't need an architect's license to work in an office in canada, you just need to have the necessary VISA and apply.  A licensed is earned over 3 to 10 years of working, not given out to whomever wants one.

Jun 5, 19 9:14 pm

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