How can I get a first class degree for BSc Architecture in the UK



I just finished my second year at Cardiff University (Welsh School of Architecture). I was hoping to get some tips about how to achieve a first class degree by the end of Year 3. I'm looking for advice regarding WSA specifically, but any general tips about getting a 1st in architecture is appreciated! 

My current grades for Year 2 are 65% (Design- 70 credits), 73% (DPM- 10 credits), 72% (History- 20 credits) and 70% (Technology- 20 credits). I believe the weightage for each module remains the same in Year 3, but overall, Year 3 accounts for 70% and Year 2 for 30%.

I'm looking for advice regarding the design module as its the most important one, and I've struggled with it in 1st and 2nd year.

I already spend a lot of time in studio and have pulled all nighters. I don't think my lack of effort/ hard work is the issue, I struggle more with finding a strong concept and managing to finish everything in time for the crit. I know that sounds hard to give advice on but I was hoping someone would have suggestions on maybe what the examiners at the end of the year are looking for/ how early technical drawings should be finalized/ how long to spend on renders and perspectives etc.

Thank you so much, I'd really appreciate this!

Jun 3, 19 12:29 pm

It really depends on what your school prioritises as important. In my opinion, it also depends on the taste of your tutor.

What helped me get me a first was extremely thorough submissions that answered all output required by the brief. Then striking visualisations, perfectly laid out sheets, high quality crafted models also added points. Finally, going a step further at each project and doing something more advanced/innovative than what is expected. 

I hoped that helped. Good luck. 

Jun 3, 19 7:41 pm
What do you enjoy most about studying architecture and what would you like to do after graduation? Put your efforts and energy there where it helps you reach your goals after architecture school.
Jun 5, 19 6:32 am

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