Looking for possible thesis focus with regard to our thesis them " Responsive Cities"


I am currently in my 5th year studying architecture and I am gonna start next sem with thesis 1 that has a theme "Responsive Cities" . I am still debating with myself on what I should problem I should focus on, if you can suggest some I would really appreciate it.

Jun 3, 19 10:08 am

Focus on the apathy and helplessness of urban students, and its impact on the fabric of the city.

Jun 3, 19 10:42 am

1-How can you start with a theme and THEN come up with the topic. 


2-How can you come up with a theme without understanding the underlying topics?

Surely there has been some research that led to revelation that this could be a compelling topic to explore. Which leads to:

3-A theme is not a thesis statement. Those two words lack any explicit inquiry that supports or challenge basic assumptions and/or perceptions. With responsive cities you could end up with something as esoteric as the "Architecture of sanitation: public disinfectant dispensers in the new age of virus politics," or "Look into my Eyes: the Urbanization of Facial Recognition Technology for customized public space on demand." Or you could do the reading and come up with a topic and not just rely upon two vague words...

Point being, it's honestly not a good idea to crowd source your thesis and the expect to make something compelling. OR: How can you make your own meal if you hope everyone with share morsels from their own plates?

Jun 3, 19 10:57 am

Parti in the USA.

Jun 3, 19 1:16 pm
I’d focus on responsive cities for your thesis, seems to fit nicely with the theme of your semester...
Jun 3, 19 5:35 pm


Jun 3, 19 5:56 pm

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