Need your advice on "Crime prevention through Urban design strategies"

Ayubowan from Sri Lanka,

A small request of advice from Design and Architecture academics here. I’m working on a paper about Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, specifically in New York City. For example, their public benches which are purposely designed to feel uncomfortable, to prevent unnecessary loitering. There were some videos by Vox about this but I wasn’t able to contact them to learn their sources. If you know about this subject I would like to learn about this. Please suggest any papers published regarding this or sources I can use. Doesn’t have to be specifically about New York. Thanks and Cheers!

Jun 1, 19 10:37 am

the cyburbia forums might be a good source for you as it has largely urban planners instead of architects. So they may know exactly what you’re talking about. But there are a lot of cities trying to prevent homeless folks from sleeping in public spaces by using methods like the benches.

Jun 6, 19 11:55 pm

Thanks, I will look into it.


Buddhika, do you want to learn more about inhumanly uncomfortable benches because you like the strategy or because you want to critique it?

Jun 7, 19 12:50 am
Non Sequitur

There must be some advocacy groups on this subject the OP can contact.

I need to study them from an unbiased perspective. If there are alternative more humane designs I need to include them in my paper.

Non Sequitur

Why don't you put it out on fiver? I'm sure someone will do all your work for you at a fraction of a dollar.

Man, salty haha

Non Sequitur

No added salt here. You must be new to the internets. 8-)


Just play 1940s pop music softly around the venues you are concerned about. No need for uncomfortable outdoor furniture or man-eating plants in the gardens.  

Jun 7, 19 9:04 am

‘Do you want to get boomers? Because that’s how you get boomers.’


Boomers are into early rock. Anything non-rap will work fine. Classical music would be the equivalent of using 'Roundup' on plants. That should be the nuclear option.


There is a lot of information on this topic. Did you try googling it? I found several books and an International CPTED Association.

Jun 7, 19 9:26 am

Found some good papers and books on it, just wanted to know if there are any updated ideas on the subject.

Non Sequitur

No one who'se ever asked for others to do their research has ever lifted a finger prior to writing a forum post. It's science, blame jesus.

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