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Hi there, 

I am  a high school student  from India and I want to become an international student I have two options University of Waterloo or university of Melbourne. For Melbourne I have got an conditional offer letter and for Waterloo I will be applying in coming October 2019. 

Melbourne has higher ranking but Waterloo has co op 

Melbourne is 3 years and Waterloo has 5 year undergrad programme.( is a three year undergrad better or 5 years ?)

I am not able to decide , hope you guys can help . 

May 30, 19 11:17 pm
Non Sequitur

pretty random selection there. I don’t know anything about melbourne, but if you’re referring to Uwaterloo, Ontario, then you’re looking at the best undergrad in Canada. It’s an excellent program that puts great graduates in the profession.  But know that it’s just an undergrad.

May 30, 19 11:43 pm

Second this. UWaterloo Undergrad produces great and capable students right out of the gate. The Co-Op is seriously the best advantage you have over any other competing undergrads looking for entry level jobs. Think of it from the employers perspective... If they are picking candidates for an entry level position, would they rather pay someone the same rate for a graduate with experience vs no experience? The answer is pretty obvious. However, if you don't really care too much about employment after graduation, then either or is fine.


Thanks for your valuable advice sir .

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