GTech vs Syracuse vs Clemson


I'm looking for help in making my MArch school decision. I have three options: 

GTech  - $105K (Tuition and Fees), 3.5 year program (*)

Syracuse  - $105K (Tuition and Fees), 3 year program (**)

Clemson - $74K (Tuition and Fees), 3 year program (***)

(*) Its research is the closest to my interests.

(**) Comparatively new research although it aligns with my interests.

(***) Don't know much about the program but heard that its more community building/centric one. 

I would love your insights and thoughts on these programs. 

P.S.: I would have to take loan of upwards of $50K for GTech and Syracuse. It would be good to know if they're worth the financial risk or not. 

May 21, 19 3:58 pm

Google "Student loan calculator." They can calculate what your annual salary will need to be based on the loans you take. It would be wise to realistic about this.

May 21, 19 11:29 pm

Well looking at it that way, I will need atleast $100K+ annual income to repay the loans.

But won't the quality of the program and exposure to big firms matter a lot?


Yes, go to the most expensive program. You’ll regret it if you don’t. You practically have a job working for a starchitect, congrats


What school you went to tends to means very little after you graduate. It might help with a first job, but it’s not going to get you a six figure job right away.


@Steeplechase I understand that it will not. I was just curious about the difference in the quality of the program since I have an engineering background I have no way of qualitatively analyzing each program so I was hoping for your inputs. I was confused that if I go to clemson would it make much of a difference in the quality of the program and the exposure I get there when compared to Tech. So it was just a question of whether I would be making a mistake if I go to Clemson ?


Clemson has a satellite architecture office in Charleston. You can spend one or two semesters there studying the buildings, landscapes, and general urban fabric.

May 22, 19 9:10 am

Thank you for this. I've heard about that.

Also, if you have any comments about the individual programs and which one has the most Return on Investment not just financially but also developing skills and qualities. 

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