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As an 11th grade student I've recently figured out that I want to do architecture. Some college require a portfolio, but I have never taken and drawing classes and am not very good at it yet. What does one put in the portfolio for admission?

May 15, 19 6:33 pm
Non Sequitur

Portfolios intend to show how you think creatively. Most are done with drawing and sketches, others with sculpture  or even sheet music. It will depend on the quality and competition at the schools you apply too. 

But note that drawing and expressing your ideas trough sketches is very important. What makes your think architecture is for you?

May 15, 19 7:30 pm

I agree with your point, like it is just to show them that are willing for that course and you have sufficient knowledge about architecture.

May 16, 19 9:21 am
Non Sequitur

That's not really how it works.

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