Trying to understand MIT's mArch program


Hi everyone-

Just curious about what MIT's program is about. I've searched their site and any info I could gather here but I'm trying to figure out what they're day to day program is like.

Does this school teach the students how to design "traditional" buildings that look like buildings (and how they go together) or is the program more like Sci Arc's in that it's very experimental/conceptual where their building designs don't look like...buildings?

I'm sure the name brand of MIT would help land jobs for the grads but where? Do you all who are practicing architecture have colleagues that have come from MIT?


May 9, 19 3:52 pm

We employed an MIT grad who was quite capable in producing useful work in an our decidedly non-theoretical office setting.   The person was more capable and less arrogant than some similar grads of SciArch and Harvard.  The person had worked in other offices prior to ours, so I can't comment on how MIT grads are right out of school.  

May 9, 19 4:00 pm  · 

@mitarchitecture on instagram might help direct you to current students you can dm.

Most schools have dedicated Instagram accounts.

May 9, 19 9:46 pm  · 

The school doesn’t have that many profs with real world experience and won’t teach you how to actually design a building. I was shocked by this after coming here. If I can go back in time, I’d get a more useful degree like a degree in comp sci. Architecture is truly a world where those who can’t teach. There are some amazing profs who actually do great stuff but they are not the ones in power within the department. 

Oct 31, 19 2:31 am  · 

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