Is Delft's Master Thesis, more research oriented than design based?


Hello everyone!

While I was looking online, at the Delft's site, works of the Alumni I started to wonder :

Is Delft's Master Thesis in general ( and more specific the Architecture track), more research oriented than design based? 

Most of the Master Thesis that are published online are accompanied with a research report which is similar to a Research Thesis and the text's part in many cases is way larger than the design section. 

Is this Delft's approach in general or is it up to each student ?

( I am aware that graduating from Delft means getting a Master in Science so maybe that's the case..)

Τhanks in advance!

May 5, 19 6:25 pm


Same question here!


May 5, 19 6:31 pm

Yeah me too! I have seen the research paper with the Master Thesis uploaded files and sometimes it is huge!

Is this a research focused degree? I am sceptical about the Master in Science... I don't think this makes you easily employable. 

Anyone with experience from Delft to answer ?


May 5, 19 6:56 pm

Hi guys!

I am also interested in this question!

The Master of Science probably means that the whole programme is more research oriented than design based.....

Βut what about the Master Thesis?  

I have been thinking of applying next year but I'm not interested in a research focused degree.....

Anyone who could give as an insight would be very helpfull.....


May 6, 19 6:01 am

Also no one has mentioned before the Master Thesis + Research report thing... sometimes the text part is like 100 pages.... and if I am not wrong you must complete both of them in 6 months.

May 6, 19 6:17 am

The graduation studios are two semesters, so basically an entire academic year. As stated below, the importance of the research report really depends on the studio.


So it's two studios one in each semester? Propably I can find this information somewhere at the TU Delft official web site. Thanks for your reply!


If I remember correctly (its been a few years) thats the official way of doing it: 1 semester research, 1 semester design. I suppose thats also the way TUd communicates it.

But in reality this varies from studio to studio, I remember some studios just doing a few weeks or research, including field works and precedent studies.


oh ok I get it ! Thaaank you!


Yeah and I mean every design project has a research background let alone the Master Thesis.... but personally I am used to communicate it through diagrams... not written stuff in that extend... I dοn't wanna be an architecture theorist.. 

Harvard has also a Master Of Science degree ( besides the MA) and it's totally research oriented - no design. But I don't believe that's the case with Delft... 


May 6, 19 6:38 am

Yeah a friend of mine was accepted at that one! So much money wasted in writing research papers... But it is his fault because he knew that is totally research oriented ! He just wanted to get into Harvard...



Same thoughts here....

In regards to the Master Thesis is there any chance that it isn't mandatory to submit a research thesis along with your Design Thesis? 

Other universities give you the choice to do the above and you simply have less time to complete the Thesis. ( Like 6 months Design Thesis- 9 months Design Thesis + Research Thesis.) Just saying...

I am also worried about the Master Of Science title... 

Anyone from Delft to answer ?

Thank you


May 6, 19 7:11 am

'' Like 6 months Design Thesis- 9 months Design Thesis + Research Thesis.'' 

I think other departments of the TU Delft also offer you this choice!


May 6, 19 8:25 am

The fact that you will receive a Master of Science after graduation from TUd has to do with the Dutch (architecture) education system

There are two full times universities in the Netherlands at which you can study architecture (Eindhoven and Delft), both will give you a MSc upon graduation. It is possible to get an MArch in NL, but only at the so called Academies of Architecture which are part time studies, with a requirement of working at an office 24 hours a week (minimum.) At least in NL, a MSc will not make you less employable but arguable the oposite.

As for the TU Delft: please understand that its a huge architecture school. Its 'faculty' of architecture consists of various chairs. In a way these are autonomous entities, focussing on different topics. Some are more design oriented, whilst others are more research oriented. If I remember correctly some of the research papers from friends(which took design oriented studios, were just a document explaining the design process.

Hope it helps :) !

May 6, 19 8:57 am

Thank you very much for your thorough reply! :)


You're welcome. If you need anything else let me know.

You might want to check the repository ( All master theses are uploaded here. Search some of the studios you're interested to see what the research paper entails.


I will search ! Thank you again! Your answer was very helpful ! :)


Wow I didn't know that the Msc is a Dutch thing.. Anywhere else Msc probably means research oriented studies... It would be interesting if someone could answer if he/she had a problem with this degree title when applying for jobs outside The Netherlands.. In any case thank you for you answer!


PeterDe: I was thinking the same....eg15: Thank you for your reply :)


It's a Master thesis not just some regular design project...why even bother and pay top € if there's not even research involved? TUD graduate here...

May 6, 19 12:22 pm

Depends on how you define research evolved. There is no such a thing as a good Master Thesis without a research background. The point is how you should communicate this research.. and long research papers is only one way. Glad that TU Delft offers space for all approaches. :)


"The point is how you should communicate this research"

That's kind of up to you. It's your Thesis, nobody there will hold your hand or chew your food ;-)



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