AHO, Master of Architecture in Norway


Hello everyone! This is the first time I'm writing here. I hope to find some information about the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (also called AHO). 

I got admitted for a 2.5-year master program in Architecture there. The competition was predictably very high because education in Norway is free for all students. 

I really love the educational approaches of this university as well as the curriculum and students' works. However, I didn't find enough reviews about the quality of education and career prospects. Is it a good choice?

Any information/advice regarding studying in AHO will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

May 2, 19 12:15 pm

AHO is rather a unique school- in that there is a general focus on the poetic side of architecture like Medrisio or Porto. Its also a relatively small architecture school so it cannot and really does not care about rankings. Dunno how their graduates do outside of school- although Norway seems to be doing well in terms of architecture jobs and it is well known in Norway and Scandinavia. Just ask the students or the staff if you want more info. This forum is mostly used by Americans, so many here talk about the American schools- not much is said about the European schools and when they are mentioned the info tends to be quite off. 

May 2, 19 1:16 pm

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