ITECH v. EmTech 2019


Hello everyone, 

I have been accepted to both the ITECH M.Sc at the University of Stuttgart Institute for Computational Design and EmTech M.Arch at the Architectural Association. Both programs seem fantastic with their focus on computation, biomimicry, materials science, robotic fabrication, and approach to design research in architecture. 

From the information I have gathered it seems that while EmTech incorporates the previously mentioned topics it also focuses on the use of computational tools to integrate ecological systems with urban environments. It appears to have a broader overall architectural approach and a wider range of research tracks than ITECH.

On the other hand, ITECH seems to be much more invested in fabrication technologies and the research of computational processes based on novel fabrication systems and study of material characteristics. In the past the research has been very focused on robotic fabrication in wood and carbon fiber.

In sum, the ITECH program is a full 2 years while EmTech is 1.5 years. (Both are 4 semesters, one is just more condensed)

Looking to the future I am very interested in pursuing further studies with the intention of teaching one day. 

I am curious if anyone has attended this programs, knows of graduates, or simply has thoughts to share about them. I appreciate your comments! 

Apr 27, 19 1:55 pm

Congrats - it is very difficult to compare when the tuition at ITECH is so low even for an international student - I do know both programmes - Achim M was Emtech director - Stuttgart is a great city - if you are really interested in teaching you must plan on doing a PhD - then ITECH is your place (or ETH)

Apr 28, 19 6:17 am


I got an offer for EmTech too. Just waiting for a scholarship result.

Its hard to compare but maybe you can analyse where those courses are located. I believe, as you said, EmTech has a more clear 'urban' agenda in its modules and it is part of a school with strong speculative design courses. On the other side ITECH, as located within engineering department, is more focused in construction and fabrication processes, an in addition has better fabrication facilities, more resources.

Jun 1, 19 11:23 am

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