Will Columbia GSAPP ever get a better building?


I visited some of schools of architecture and some of their buildings blew me away. I particularly loved Yale’s and Harvard’s, they truly feel like architecture school buildings and although Columbia’s ranked second in best graduate schools, its building (Avery Hall) does not seem to compete. I uderstand Columbia’s campus follows its uniform style all around the perimeter but do you all think it will ever step up and invest in a new building that is up to its reputation? Just a curious discussion post, going there this Fall and the only “turn-off” I found its  the not-so-great architecture building, super excited to go there otherwise! 

Apr 26, 19 12:35 pm

Avery Hall at Columbia is a McKim, Mead & White significant Beaux Arts building. You are waaaaay ahead of Harvard and Yale if you open your eyes. Good luck. 

Apr 26, 19 1:08 pm

I'll agree to some extent about GSAPP's building, but it's physical library is unparalleled, in terms of content and collection, to any of the other institutions you have mentioned above. You have the Avery index at your fingers tips, in addition to the drawings and archives. Spend as much as time as possible in there. It's worth every cent.

Apr 26, 19 2:24 pm

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