GPA for UCLA/Berkley M. Arch I application (With B.S. Arch)?


Also applicable to ivies, I'm currently getting my B.S. Arch from University of Michigan with a minor in sustainability if that makes a difference. Currently have a 3.4 so I just want to get an idea of what to shoot for to be competitive. Also, I know GPA matters for architecture program applications, but whats the weight compared to that of portfolios, recommendations, etc.?


Apr 22, 19 3:08 pm
Non Sequitur


why aim any lower?

Apr 22, 19 3:12 pm

Sorry, didn't mean to phrase it like that, obviously I'm shooting for a 4.0. I just want to know how competitive my application will be if I end up graduating with around a 3.5. I'm also from the bay area so going to cal would be amazing in terms of education and tuition + possibly living in my parent's basement for two years to save money

Non Sequitur

cool story, did you just remember about this thread 5 months later? 3.5 will make most admin cuts.  After that it'll be all about the portfolio and ref letters.


Sheesh, someones had a bad day. Thanks for the info, have a good one


Portfolio + Personal Statement + Letter of Recs above all

GPA is probably second to last what they'll care about for admission.

Apr 22, 19 8:14 pm

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