Prerequisite calculus and physics for GSD MArch.1


Hi all,

I am an international student and I just accepted the MArch.1 offer of the GSD these days.  Since I still have two prerequisite courses (calculus and physics) need to be done before enrollment, I would like to see if any admitted students or anyone had same situation could possibly recommend some online courses to take... 

I saw there are two pre-approved calculus online courses on the GSD website, but did not see any online ones for physics. Hope to get some ideas about physics and any alternative options for calculus. Thank you in advance!

Apr 17, 19 2:12 pm

I'm pretty sure UT Austin has an online, self-paced physics course that GSD has approved in the past. Try looking into that!

Apr 17, 19 7:27 pm  · 

Which online institution did you end up taking the course from?

Nov 4, 20 6:11 am  · 

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