ITECH (ICD/ITKE) Graduates - Where are they now??


I was very fortunate to get accepted into the ITECH programme for Oct 2019 start! I come from a non purely architecture background and am interested in pursuing robotic fabrication and biomimetic design in a broad sense after completion of the programme. 

I'm wondering if anyone on here can shed some light onto some of the career options after graduating from this type of programme. I know that one's career is largely in their own hands and education only has a certain degree of relevance, but still interested in knowing where alumni might be at now - owning firms / businesses, working at firms, researching, teaching, working in emerging tech? 


Apr 16, 19 12:36 pm

Congratulations! i personally am interested in the ITECH program and wish to apply for the program this year. One thing that i did was to look in to LinkedIn and searched University of Stuttgart and in the school page you can see alumni of the school and if you try to find ITECH people, it wouldn't be hard to find because you would have some connections by now. Anyways really nice to meet you 'senpai' and i hope to ask some questions about life in ITECH. thank you! 

Oct 24, 19 8:25 am

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