Help negotiating funding?


If I got off the waitlist of my top choice, is there any way at all I can negotiate so they can give me need-based funding? They already said there isn't funding for waitlist people so any insight on chances of getting any are greatly appreciated (and yes, know it is very rare to get off the waitlist, just want to see all my options.) thank you

Apr 11, 19 9:02 am
Non Sequitur

What's the point, from the university's point of view, to offer funding to applicants who could not make the original cut?  If you make it off the waitlist, expect to pay full cost.  Insert obligatory "no March is worth 100K" comment.

Apr 11, 19 9:08 am

Hey bluesquare -

First off, congrats on getting off the wait-list. Regarding getting more funding, I tried negotiating with one of my schools for more funding (I got 0) as an accepted student, and they said they *may* redistribute funds as people respond to their offers of admission, but there is no guarantee I'd see any of those funds. I even tried leveraging a really good offer from a comparable school, but they didn't seem to budge.

There are always outside scholarships you could look into, and try asking to see if funding could be made available after your first year (if it's a multi-year program). Not sure if that would change things for you.

All the best!

Apr 11, 19 9:11 am

Thank you for the comments! Update: In from the wait-list with funding at Columbia GSAPP!! I am thrilled!

Apr 17, 19 2:16 pm

Congratulations! Would you share more about your negotiating experience to help the rest of us? I got off the wait list at Yale and failed at negotiating for more $...


Thanks! Congratulations to you to on Yale! Well they called me and they did say at first there is no funding at the moment and then kept emailing that I do want to go and that it is my "dream school" and asked for any chances of getting anything past the first year. I essentially did not accept and kept asking if they could guide me through the financial burden. I emphasized that I understand I may not qualify for merit-based aid but did not see why I couldn't for need-based. After that I received funding. I personally think I got lucky since I got pretty decent amount coming off the waitlist so I think that if you do express you absolutely want to go but the only thing in the way is the money, they might give you some. Just be sure to ask nicely.


Congratulations @bluesquare. I wonder what @Non Sequitur has to say about this outcome!?! ;)

Non Sequitur

Hey, happy to be wrong here. Congrats.


That’s awesome! I actually turned GSAPP down because they refused to give me any funding so while I’m happy it worked out for you, I’m a bit peeved they were so adamant that they couldn’t budge on my numbers. Like you, I expressed that I understood circumstances re: merit based aid, but as a student straight out of undergrad (graduating in a month) I could not pay full tuition to attend. Regardless - congrats and best of luck!

Apr 20, 19 10:43 pm

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