KADK vs. PoliMi vs. KU Leuven



I recently got admission at the KADK Master of Arts Spatial Design Programme, at the Politecnico di Milano Master of Science in Architectural Design and History, and at the KU Leuven Master of Science in Architecture at the Sint Lucas Campus. I sincerely was not expecting this, and now I have a big dilemma, because although each program is different, I applied to those I knew I would enjoy the most. 

I got neither the MasterMind scholarship offered by the KU Leuven, nor the Merit based scholarship offered by the PoliMi. However, as a Swiss citizen I don't have to pay tuition fees at the KADK. Anyways, I'm aware that the cost of life in Copenhagen is pretty high. 

Also, I wonder how the Master of Arts would differ from the Master of Science when looking for a job in architecture.

I was hoping to get here some advice about the advantages and drawbacks of each program, if someone has attended one of these Universities or has any further knowledge that could help me take a decision (reputation, career prospects, education, scholarship opportunities, etc).

Thank in advance!

Apr 3, 19 10:04 pm

Not really. The degree thing involves in license and other shit for a bit but for a job within architecture is ok,

Apr 4, 19 4:38 am

Thanks for your answer qiweizhang!


Congrats on getting in. You best ask the schools directly for any (other) scholarship opportunities. Cost of living in any of those places is still below cost of living in Switzerland though, does that help?

Apr 5, 19 5:11 am

Hey randomised, thank you for your answer!


About the scholarships: thats a good idea, but I already thoroughly​ reviewed the schools's websites and I'm pretty sure there are already all the funding opportunities they know about. However, I'm going to ask them anyways, maybe they can give me some further info on that ;)​ The KADK website is pretty explicit stating that they don't offer any kind of financial support or scholarships, but maybe I can look for that somewhere else. Cost of living in Belgium, Italy and even Denmark may be below cost of living in Switzerland, but I don't live there.. I have a Swiss Passport because I was able to obtain one thanks to my mom's family, but I don't actually reside there! I live and have studied in Ecuador, I forgot to mention that above. If you know something else about the quality of education on each Programme or if you have some more info about each schools' overall architecture education reputation, I'd love to hear more about it! Thanks for your answer once again.


Hello, I think KADK is quite good in Europe. And since you dont have to pay tuition fees, you cant spend more than the other two schools. Btw, Denmark is a good place for an architect to find a job.

Apr 8, 19 2:34 am

hey there, as for KADK you should also look into Danish government grants called SU. These are given to Scandinavians "for free" but if you hold European passport you can still get them if you work a certain number of hours a month for a certain salary (to ensure you pay enough tax)- these are called student jobs. Google details but the salary from student job + SU should allow you for a pretty OK living in Copenhagen. 

Apr 12, 19 8:23 pm

SU grants can't be given to citizens with a Swiss passport as far as I am aware - only EU citizens can obtain it.

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