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My name is Rafaella and I applied yesterday (end of March - still before deadline) for the Msc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Studies at TU Delft for the Architecture Track and I am seeking feedback on my submitted portfolio. 

I am interested in applying in Bartlett as well as Endiburg so any feedback to change and improve my folio would be appreciated. 

Also if there is anyone here that knows about the acceptance rate of Delft at could provide me with insight about the level of my portfolio and the possibility (in their opinion) for acceptance I would greatly appreciate it.

Link for my portfolio here:

Thank you in advance

Apr 1, 19 12:51 pm

Honestly I was blown away .. A lot of information clearly presented. Aesthetically well designed but could use a bit more of "white space" as it sometimes can be a bit too much (but to be honest its not your fault .. solid projects have many graphical foundations (diagrams plans etc) which can be difficult to lay out). Solid technical work, and I loved the bridge idea ! Overall I'd say you have a very solid chance. 

How did it go ? did you receive an answer yet ? what stage are you on ? Step 2 or 3 ? 

I personally applied 1st of april for the same track (with Barch from La Cambre in Brussels). I'm not the best graphical communicator, I rely alot on a models + solid oral presentations - method which has greatly benefited me in the last years. So I knew that just on the portfolio my chances were slim at best ..

Sooo I actually went to the school with all my submitted documentation to try and get an interview. I met with this very nice lady at the international office who knew way too much information on the application process not to be a part of the overall  process. I presented my work to her, and I don't want to project myself too much as karma's a b****, but I was overall very pleased. She added in my application that I came (which may be a good thing or irrelevant i dont know ..), and suggested I meet Peter Koorstra, the head of the architecture track. She also kept my portfolio personal statement and reference letters- I hope its a good thing. I summoned my courage and went in the model hall in his office area to speak to him. We spoke 10-12 mins. I asked him if we could have a quick chat about the program. Was also pretty positive. Now I wait ..

The school looks absolutely extraordinary. You could pretty much build a rocket there ..

Good luck !

May 3, 19 1:09 pm

Needs more white space.

May 3, 19 1:42 pm

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