UMich Vs GeorgiaTech, M.arch 2 yrs


I have been accepted to both UMich (Taubman) and GaTech for an M.arch degree, 2 yrs. Not sure as to what to choose, cost is an important factor to consider. Any thoughts?

Mar 27, 19 6:14 am

I personally don't know about UMich but GA Tech has a great program in architecture. Their fabrication lab is impressive with wide range of opportunities in design fabrication and parametric designs. Also they have a pretty cheaper tuition compared to UMich and the college is located right in the heart of Atlanta giving numerous work opportunities after graduation.

Apr 2, 19 2:29 pm  · 

You put forth a few excellent points, ones that make me want to take up the offer in the first place. However, what if I was interested in theoretical and research based aspects of architecture? Does their program lean too much toward construction and technical detailing?


Thanks for information"

Apr 7, 19 6:27 am  · 
Dr. Architecture

What is most important to you in making the decision besides money?  Both programs are very good but are different?

Make a list of your criteria and write out a narrative on how each program meets them.  If you need more details, contact each program and ask for connections to either students or alumni.

Also, where do you wish to practice afterwards.

Apr 10, 19 6:37 pm  · 

GT alumni, it's a good program but you should visit both. GT is definitely the powerhouse program in GA I believe, over SCAD and KSU(spsu).

Apr 11, 19 9:21 am  · 

I am facing this similar confusion for urban design. Umich is better or GA Tech? in terms of expenses, faculty, alumni network, job opportunities.

Mar 1, 20 9:03 am  · 

And, as we get into the workweek, I hate to say it, we have to have the  Standard Deviation Calculator the green eyeshades, and our eyes will be crossed.

Mar 1, 20 11:26 am  · 

Guys, please advise me best graduate schools from these, for Master of Architecture program. I am looking for curriculum which has the strongest program of specialization in sustainability.

M.ARCH (Master of Architecture)

1. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - (Has specialization of Building performance in it)

2. University at Buffalo (Has specialization of Ecological practices in it)

3. Arizona State university (Has electives in sustainability subject)

4. University of Arizona (Has electives in sustainability subject)

Considering all aspects.. like excellent job opportunities, landing up in good jobs early,  top notch payscale , how good is the university overall, course, curriculum, location and overall ranking?

Which one is first class in all aspects? All in all, which one should I prefer?

Thank you.

Apr 8, 20 1:07 am  · 

Umich alumni,

would say Umich, great studio space, diverse faculty, and also great alumni resources (no trouble finding internship in LA and a fulltime job in NYC).

Don't know many people from GTech, but if this year they are doing virtual visting, you should do both to talk to faculty and see space and equipment.

Apr 8, 20 10:31 am  · 

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