M.Arch Decisions From McGill


Wondering if anyone has heard any news regarding admission to McGill's M.Arch program... The school told me they started sending out a first round of notices but I haven't seen any chatter about it online. 

I get the impression they do not send out rejections until they have filled every seat of the program but am not sure how accurate this is. 


Mar 25, 19 11:11 am
Non Sequitur

From what I remember, McGill was always the last of the Canadian M.arch to send out their notices.  Many of my peers (back in the day) had to take their 2nd (or 3rd) choice schools because McGill took too long. Imagine having to pick UofT or McGill just because one takes longer to send shit out?  

Mar 25, 19 11:42 am

hey guys,

I have received the offer if waitlist. Does anyone know if I have any chance of getting admitted?

By the way, I'm an international applicant. Do you know how many students they get for M.arch program?

Mar 29, 19 7:30 am

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