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Hey Archinecters -

I was just hoping to collect others' thoughts on Cornell's M.Arch I Program. I was recently admitted, and plan to attend the Open House, but I'd love to hear from current students/recent grads.

What kind of places do students work after they graduate? I've heard Cornell seems to pay more attention to their undergrad program - is that true? How do you see Cornell shifting in the future, if at all, with Meejin Yoon as the new dean?

Seems hard to get a grasp of this stuff from what I've found online.

Thanks in advance.

Mar 24, 19 7:57 pm

I don't have anything to contribute but I'm interested as well, just want to follow this thread. I'm also in for the M. Arch I and planning to go to the Open House. Are you taking their bus and doing the NYC studio tour?

Mar 25, 19 9:26 am

No, I’m just visiting the Ithaca campus. I figure the NYC studio shouldn’t be the deciding factor for attending anyway, considering it’s just one semester. That being said, I’m sure a chance of pace (Ithaca -> NYC) will be nice when the time comes. Do let me know what you think if you opt for the tour!


Oops I missed this. I did tour the NYC studio space and it's pretty awesome. Big open space with unobstructed views of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. Have you decided to go to Cornell?


No worries - yep officially enrolled today! Wbu?


Exciting! I was really impressed with Cornell and would love to go but can't stomach the debt I would have to take on. I think I'll end up taking another year to save up and refine my portfolio. Maybe see you next year :)


Aw sad you won't be joining, but that makes complete sense. All the best!


-replied to the thread instead of a comment-

Mar 25, 19 10:54 am

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