UT waitlisted - Does it make a difference to attend the Open House?


Hello everyone,

International student here. I got waitlisted at UT for their 3-year M.Arch program. UT is my first choice and a friend of mine who is a college advisor told me that visiting and talking to the dean could increase my chances of getting in. 

I live about a 5-hour drive away from Austin, so it's not that much of a hassle for me to go. However, I'm wondering whether it will actually increase my chances of being selected from the waitlist or not at all. I've heard waitlists are ranked and some websites suggest calling the admissions department to ask about your position. 

I did send an e-mail saying I was very interested in UT, but I'm afraid doing something else might seem as annoying and actually reduce my chances of getting in. Does anyone has any experience in being waitlisted? Did you try to do something similar or just wait it out until the deadline?

Mar 24, 19 5:59 pm

Can't hurt to go. Look at it as a job interview. Wear a sports coat if not a tie. Be polite to everyone, ask questions about their program, not just the wait list. If they like you they may toss you in the hopper with the rest. X+1 number of students rather than X number of students will not cause their school to spin off its axis into deep space.

Mar 24, 19 7:52 pm

Sounds good. Thanks for the advice.


Taking the time to travel to the campus will show that you are serious about attending if given the opportunity.   I think it may be helpful to demonstrate your continuing interest as a lot of the other wait list people may have accepted offers from other schools.

Mar 25, 19 1:55 pm

Doesn't hurt, right? Thanks!

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