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Hi all,

I am an international student, and I feel fortunate to receive offers from the GSD, YSoA and GSAPP this year for the MArch 1 programs. All of them provide similar financial aids. I tend to decide between the GSD and YSoA. Due to some problems, it is not really possible for me to go to the Open House or visit the schools before the deadline. Therefore, I hope that I could obtain more information and different insights here.

I have searched about both schools, but some of the information seems quite old. Besides, the head of architecture at the GSD has been changed too. Therefore, I hope any students or alumni of these schools or people who know much about them could possibly share some of your opinions. Thanks in advance!

According to my understanding, YSoA has a relatively smaller program, and closer relations between professors and students, focus more on architecture design itself, and it is also good in theory and history. On the other hand, the GSD has a larger program, students have less attention from professors, while it has stronger network. Also, the GSD is more diversified, and focus on coordination between majors. YSoA has a disadvantage in terms of its location, while students in the GSD need to study for an extra 0.5 year and also I have heard the study stress is quite high there. If there is anything I got wrong, please let me know.

 It will be very helpful if someone could share your experience or insights here. (Such as faculty, study stress, studio culture, opportunities of entering large architecture firms after graduation, etc.)

Meanwhile, I also would like to ask that what the main differences in quality are between MArch 1 program at GSAPP and the one at YSoA or at the GSD, regardless of financial factors since I saw both positive and negative comments on GSAPP a lot.

Thanks again!

Mar 23, 19 4:40 pm

Hey, just wondering where you ended up going & if you are satisfied with your choice?

Dec 12, 19 1:23 am

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