M.Arch Carleton, Calgary or Toronto??

Delaney Victoria

Hello, I’ve recently been accepted into the University of Carleton (Ottawa), Calgary and Toronto and I’m having a tough decision deciding where to go. I’ve done research but I was hoping someone has some first hand experience in these programs. All information would be appreciated, thanks!

Mar 21, 19 7:47 pm
Non Sequitur

Carleton, then Calgary. UofT only as a last option. 

Important thing to consider is where you want to live and work post graduation. 

Mar 21, 19 8:14 pm
Delaney Victoria

Thank you! Any reason why you say this?

Non Sequitur

Quality of the program.


If you go to Carleton, you might be able to meet Non Sequitur! (no sarcasm)

Mar 21, 19 9:58 pm
Non Sequitur

doubtful... I don't associate much with that school, or any other for that matter, anymore. It's been years since I've acted as guest reviewer and I was very disappointed with the work last time I did.


That's a shame. Hopefully you didn't make any students cry...


It depends on your goals and values. Say if you want to make hipster friends then:

1. UofT

2. Carleton, and then

3. Calgary.

Mar 23, 19 8:30 am

Cross post from another thread:

UofC is great if you are into computational and parametric design. The workshop is great and have plenty of machines (CNC, 3D printers, plaster printers, wood shop etc.) to build your models from. However, the faculty is a bit lacking in terms of "prestige". If your main goal is to get a job after graduation, it doesn't really matter what school you attend. What matters the most in general is relevant work experience, drafting software skills (e.g. AutoCAD, Revit, Vectorworks etc.), personality, and adaptability. The job market (as of right now) in Calgary and Alberta in general is not that good - keep that in mind.

Apr 18, 19 5:50 pm

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