Harvard MDes vs Pratt vs SCI-Arc


I'm new to architecture and this forum. I recently got accepted into Pratt and SCI-Arc's M.Arch I and Harvard's MDes on Energy and Environment. And now I'm stuck don't know what to choose. 

Sustainability is what I want to focus on. However, without an architectural background, I don't think I could succeed in the job hunt competition. And it seems like it is hard to transfer or apply for a second degree in M.Arch in Harvard.

SCI-Arc has an avant-garde reputation and not focusing so much on the practicals. This especially troubles me as an engineer. After all, architecture need to be built. As for Pratt, I don't have that much impression except that it shares some UPenns instructors. 

What do you guys think? Please helps a fella out. 

Mar 21, 19 11:32 am

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