M.Arch Decision (Cornell? Yale?)



I think it's about time that everyone decided which school to go already. I have few options at hand and want to make the best decision with your thoughts and insights. 

I got accepted to Columbia, Cornell (annual $15,000), Yale ( annual $7,000), UC Berkeley all M.Arch 1 3yr program. Rejected from Harvard, MIT, Princeton haha. I did 4 yr B.S in interior architecture and have a little professional experience. 

I want to develop interdisciplinary approach through M.Arch program.  I'm interested in media experiments with video, VR and perceptional interaction with space. 

Therefore, it is actually important for me that the school is welcoming experimental approaches and interdisciplinary interest with video, and art. 

So, the main concern here is Cornell or Yale. Which school will fit my academic interest Columbia is unaffordable at this point. 

As Columbia has academically open environment and has amazing film program too, it will be great choice. But having to live in Manhattan for almost 4 years is quite burdensome to me.... even though I hold Fulbright scholarship. I asked for financial aid to Columbia but didn't hear from them yet ( and I believe that is not... likely to happen ) so sad

For now, Cornell has offered me the most, and I'm hearing a lot about  how the school is growing and has an progressive environment. I feel like Sabin Design Lab and RCL focus on the material aspect of architecture and is really interested in data analysis for design. So, not quite sure that "open" environment would benefit my intellectual interest, too. 

About Yale, I've heard about how the school has classic atmosphere, and the emphasis on hand sketch and stuff. I also know that if someone really try to do something crazy, then one can just go for it, but just not sure if Yale is the good place than Cornell for such experiments. But, what I think is beneficial is that Yale has great art school and has film and media study program than Cornell. 

About UCB, I just don't think I'm brave enough or has a strong belief on Berkeley to abandon those 3 Ivy schools. 

Thanks for reading. and thanks for wise recommendations and thoughts on this matter. 

Mar 21, 19 10:55 am

Hey I'm quite curious, which program did you end up choosing and how do you feel about it now, two years on? Congratulations by the way!

Am in the same boat regarding Berkeley v. Yale (waiting on GSAPP), so would love any and all insights!

Mar 5, 21 9:33 pm  · 

When did you hear from GSAPP?

Mar 5, 21 10:30 pm  · 

Disregard...misread, sorry!

Mar 5, 21 10:32 pm  · 

I would personally choose Yale - the $24,000 difference is no small sum, but ultimately not big enough to really differentiate the two options you are confronting.

Yale is by far the stronger graduate school of the two. I think in many areas Yale is as competitive if not even more so than the GSD. GSAPP is a good option too but I think ultimately Yale SoA is the strongest "architecture" school out of the two.

Would love to discuss more if you are interested - shoot me a PM!

Mar 6, 21 1:35 am  · 

they chose 2 years ago.

Mar 6, 21 2:53 am  · 

hahah oops, my bad... the dates on these are tiny!

Mar 6, 21 7:45 am  · 
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