UIUC vs Texas Austin for MLA


I have few questions and would be really helpful if you guys replied to this. I have got an accept from Upenn but then got a reject because of my GPA not satisfying the basic needs. I am a recent passed out architect and have applied to MLA programs. I want to ask which is a better uni for MLA ? Austin texas or UIUC? I even wanted to ask if I stayed back for a year in india and applied with only 6 month work ex can I get into big uni which will cover up my GPA? Please help.

Mar 21, 19 1:49 am

For both academic and career purpose, Texas fairly win as UIUC MLA program is flopping. The lacking of teaching resources, the bureaucracy has penetrated into department's sociality, and the total crappy theoretical fantasy from the major professor only prepares you for nihilism. Besides, limited funding leans the admission appetizer toward to a bunch of international students -- mainly from China -- since they are willing for paying the whole tuition. And the career assistance from the department is perfectly terrible. Only few students find the jobs or intern that catch up with their living cost. Most of your classmates -- 15/17 come from China and they probably will come back to China since their homeland is rampantly developing, you would gain a poor network imaging that you spent two years with them and they most likely gone overseas from the rest of your life. I would not recommend anyone like to stay in the U.S. to attend this program. But the most importantly, lacking of bright brains would erode your ambitions in benefiting from higher education that you are expecting but significantly void from this department. 

Jul 26, 19 5:19 pm

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