B.arch (undergraduate) in the US and then Graduate programme at the AA, or another European Architecture university?


Is this possible? lets say undergraduate at SCI ARC, Cal Poly or Pratt and then graduate at the AA or another UK/EU architecture university?

Mar 20, 19 5:23 pm

In the USA you only get BArch after 5 years.

In Europe you get BSc (UK part I) after 3 years.

and then MSc or MArch (UK part II) after another 2 years

BArch in the USA is a professional degree that lets you register as an architect - you can only do that with an MArch/MSc in Europe (either way = 5 full years education).

If you want to transfer out of US undergrad after 3 years and into a European MSc it will be very difficult to prove equivalency.

Your best bet is to finish the 5 year BArch in the USA and then do a 2 year MSc a few years later in Europe. I did this but then in architecture undergrad and landscape MSc, this allows you do work as both professionally.

Mar 21, 19 5:15 am

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