MIT not sending results


applied to SMArchS. There is still no reply from the school. What does this mean, a rejection or are they considering me if some of the accepted students deny their offer? Did anyone receive rejections from MIT? 

Mar 18, 19 1:54 pm

Have you asked them?

Mar 18, 19 3:22 pm

should i? i am an international applicant and i thought maybe asking them would be inappropriate


A little inappropriateness never hurt anyone


Check here: probably more helpful than archinect.

Mar 18, 19 3:45 pm

thanks! looks like they did not send out all results yet




I have also applied to MIT's SMarchS (Building Technology) and have not received any notification yet. Almost three weeks ago I was accepted in Harvard's MDes (Energy and Environment) and I am really expecting them to say something soon and be able to take a decision. Do they normally take so long?

Mar 19, 19 12:15 pm

It's not unusual for some schools in some years to still be sending out some or all of their decisions up into the first week in April. 
These questions come up every year on this forum, and inevitably some schools are running later than most of the rest of the pack (though it varies from year to year which ones.)

Soon we'll be getting the threads about having to decide whether to attend other schools' open houses, while still having not heard from one's first choice, and that sort of thing.  They're not all on the same timeline - be patient.  You can't read any particular meaning into it.

Mar 19, 19 12:35 pm

Thanks for the answer! I am from Europe and this whole process is completely new for me :)


Any updates on the replies ?

Has anyone received any emails/notifications ?

Mar 23, 19 9:28 am

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