MLA Fall 2019- Need help with decisions


Have applied to Sheffield and Edinburgh for a masters in Landscape Architecture. Got my admit at Sheffield yesterday(!) and still waiting on Edinburgh but I feel like it might be a positive reply.

It would be helpful to get some comparisons between the two in terms of coursework (I prefer a more practical course than an artsy one) and job placements. Also information in terms of quality of teaching, student life, accommodation, cost of living etc would be good.

Alternately, I have also got an acceptance to University of Georgia and have been shortlisted at National University of Singapore (vastly differing choices in terms of lacation, I know. But these were the ones I really liked and I am open to living and working in any of these countries).

Mar 16, 19 4:55 am

Where did you eventually go? 

I am applying for this fall, and would like some advice. 

Jan 24, 20 2:42 am

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