Is it Harder to get into to SCI ARC than the AA ?


I've recently been accepted into the First year course at the AA , however I'm waiting on my decision from the Undergraduate SCI ARC B.arch course. I am just wondering which is the harder one to get into? 

Mar 15, 19 10:18 am

I think its easier to bribe Sci-Arc with 500K than AA. Plus photoshopping your head onto a pole vaulter demonstrates advanced graphics skills.

Mar 15, 19 10:38 am

LOL. This scandal has stained pretty much everything having to do with higher education.

In the past I believe the undergrad at Sci-arch had a pretty high acceptance rate. So likely the AA...

consider your cost of education and relivance to where you want to work.
Mar 15, 19 12:07 pm

I feel like the hard part is getting enough funds for tuition. 

Mar 16, 19 2:30 pm

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