Does anyone know good places to find scholarships or grants for US graduate students majoring in Architecture?

Recently got accepted to GSAPPs AUD program and with the summer semester starting June 3, I am trying to find scholarships as soon as possible. 


Mar 13, 19 10:27 am

AIA website usually has some up. 

And then you can specifically check your state/regions AIA chapter website as well. And if you’re in the AIAS check their site as well

Some of the major firms usually give scholarships as well. Just off the top of my head I know Gensler does an annual scholarship, but check other big name firms.

SARA NY runs an annual scholarship entry as well as design competition, students incl, where you can win $$


GSAPP should also have a list somewhere on their aid website where it’ll list ‘outside scholarships,’ most major schools do, so browse thru that.

Mar 14, 19 9:11 pm  · 

Scholly is an app that helps you with the scholarship search process.

Not sure if it's both for undergraduate and graduate programs but might be worth looking into.

Mar 15, 19 11:13 am  · 

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