M.ARCH DECISION... (WASHU vs TEXAS vs Cincinnati)


Bachelor: Architecture (5 years, accredited. in Asia)

I have to choose my graduate school and it is too difficult...

1) Washington University in St.Louis with scholarship( $12,000 per year) (M.Arch 2+),

2) Texas Austin

3) University of Cincinnati ( with scholarship '$4,012.75 per year') (M.Arch2 <3year> including 3 co-op programs) <-- I know that co-op program would be very beneficial to me to have a job in the future.

What should I go for?  For a decent job career later. Because I have limited money and I have to repay some money. 

Money and Job in the Future is the most important thing to choose.
I plan to work in the United States and I would live at least 10 years.

Thank you. 

Mar 11, 19 12:51 am
Stew Dent

Seems like you more traditional schools / technical schools? What do you value in an education?

St. Louis is very cheap. I loved St. Louis as a city, but I'm not sure I would recommend WASHU. You may be a different kind of student than me however and like that kind of pedagogy. You seem to only care about the job potential after...The classes were not as diverse as I would hope, with about 60%  students from China. They do have a great career resource office and a few connections to some key firms, a solid job fair every year, etc. However, their tuition costs are unfairly high, as a private school. It really depends on your work and who you are as a student if you get those jobs. 

Compared to your other options, the scholarships may be less but comparatively the tuition costs at public schools are less. All of those schools are in decently sized cities that could provide great summer internships/full-time employment. I've heard good things about the Cincinnati Co-Op program from peers.

Mar 11, 19 2:56 pm

What would be your cost to attend UT-Austin?  It's a good school in a very growing city.

Mar 12, 19 1:11 pm

AUSTIN all day long

Mar 12, 19 4:22 pm

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