UCL PEM/CEM or TU Delft Management in built environment ?


I have an option to go to the above universities, I’m really confused as to which university would be better in respect to future job availability. 

Mar 10, 19 4:13 pm
Non Sequitur

Should you not do this type of research prior to applying?  You won't get much by crowd-sourcing important adult decisions.

Mar 10, 19 4:15 pm

such a low IQ comment.

Non Sequitur

how so?


researching about the universities facilities, courses, program info etc. can be easily found on the university websites or forums and i bet the poster made his/her research prior to applying.

yet, the question asked is job oppourtunities, which can be answered by an alum or student there, so looking for answers in a forum is quite normal. also, there is a reason why universities give 1-2 months for admitted students to reply. that period is for further researching about the school :) 

so my recommendation to you would be stop replying low IQ comments if you do not answer any of the questions of a successful applicant to make you feel superior :)

Non Sequitur

Cool story but these lazy questions get posted here all the time.

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