M.arch decision.


23/male/ Indian.

B. Arch: Andhra university 7.74/10

GRE: 148V / 161Q/ 3.0 AWA 

TOEFL: 96. 


I got admission in advance standing in

 IIT CHICAGO with 7000$ scholarship per semester,

SUNY Buffalo,  

Clemson university,  

IOWA state university. 

Waiting for Gtech and university of Illinois at UC. 

What should I go for.  For a decent job career later. Because I pay my fee on loan and I have to repay it ASAP.  So where can I get a decent career and quality of education too as it is mandatory.  

Thank you. 

Mar 10, 19 12:24 pm

oh dear. I don’t always agree with the “take the least expensive option” advice, but it absolutely applies here. 

Mar 10, 19 12:31 pm  · 
Sreekar 96

doesn't the reputation of college matters in architecture for my career?

Sreekar 96

I left Iowa and IIT C, suggest me in between Clemson and BUFFALO, both are of almost the same cost


SUNY at Buffalo should be free, if you are a resident of New York. (I think you have to live in NY for 5 more years after you graduate). It would be a great option for free tuition!

Mar 12, 19 10:44 pm  · 
Sreekar 96

no, I am an Indian. so what would u suggest.?


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