Tankless Water Heater ?


We are working on the option list for the next RV and I had a question about the water heater. 

We currently have a 10g dual gas/elec water heater that works great. It's just the 2 of us and we almost never use the propane to heat water and almost never run out of hot water on electric.

The option of tankless is appealing but I'm pretty sure all of them are gas fired and that would consume a fair bit of propane that we aren't using now.

Is there such a thing as an electric tankless water heater or they all gas?

Pretty sure I already know the answer

Mar 10, 19 12:28 pm

Yes there is electric! Did you even trying looki g it up? 

Mar 10, 19 5:49 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

I always assumed on demand (tankless) hot water systems were always electric. Google must be broken for some today.


RV specific units are available - google is your friend

Mar 11, 19 12:46 pm  · 

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