Honestly how hard is it to get AP?


This is about admissions to master of architecture program. I'm pretty curious to know how hard is it to get into m.arch with AP (advanced placement) to those school such as Harvard GSD or MIT or Princeton. Have heard that it is competitive and I've tried to find some numbers or stats online but couldn't find much info. Also what are the chances if you graduated from an international university, will the academic background be sufficient for those school? 

Some from my uni have said that it might not worth to try apply for AP since its pretty difficult...

Mar 21, 19 9:02 pm

Hey actually you can ignore this post, i posted a while ago and just got approved as I was curious before my admission result. Buy anyway this could be helpful for the future applicant! Thx

Mar 21, 19 9:48 pm  · 

​Hey I saw your post that you got accepted to GSD with AP.. Could you give some tips to apply for AP?Thanks


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