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Hi! I have received admits for the 2yr m.arch program in Georgia Tech and USC. I am very confused which one to choose, considering the ranking GTech is the way to go, but I personally like USC's course and curriculum. Any insights would be really helpful! Thank you! 

Mar 7, 19 6:07 pm
Dr. Architecture

You are in luck, I just finished writing about how to make a decision on an architecture program.  The key is to NOT compare the two schools against each other -- instead, determine your most important criteria and compare each program against the criteria.

From what you have shared, which is more important -- the ranking of GT's program, or the course / curriculum of USC.


Mar 7, 19 6:21 pm

I would also research the ARE exam pass rates of any program you are considering.   Proximity to the city or region where you want to settle long-term can be an important consideration as well.

Mar 7, 19 6:25 pm

Pick the cheapest

Mar 7, 19 6:30 pm

@ dr architecture - your article was really helpful! Thank you so much! 

My main concern is if the GTech program is too technical. Due to its reputation as a leading uni in engg and tech, Im concerned if the m.arch program is too heavily invested in the tech aspect of architecture and not equally design oriented. Any GTech students here that could offer their opinions?! 

Mar 7, 19 11:43 pm
Dr. Architecture

Thanks!  You are smart to attempt to contact a few students / graduates from the programs but do not rely on Archinect.  Contact each program directly and ask for referrals.  Even send an email to some faculty.

I appreciate your concern about GT being too technical, but what is too technical.  Early in my career I worked at IIT (Illinois Tech) and there was plenty of abstract design.

Truly think about who you want to be in your career.  

As needed, contact me via

Mar 8, 19 8:47 am

I'd go to GT and transfer to a more lucrative field once you get there.

Mar 8, 19 8:31 pm

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