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I was just accepted to Pratt's M.Arch I program with some funding. I know that Pratt's undergraduate architecture program is considered good. I've heard otherwise about its M.Arch programs. Does anyone have any informed perspectives on this?

Mar 4, 19 11:21 am

I graduated from it, and recently co-taught a studio there. 

It is a solid program, but very much you get what you put into it. Your experience can vary a lot based on what studio professors you get and what seminar profs you take. It is changing, I believe for the better with the new chair. From what I can tell it has only gotten better from when I left.

There are certainly some vestigial lackluster profs, but hopefully that is getting slowly taken care of. So mainly I'd say you can have a very good experience if you are good at choosing professors who fit with your interests. But you can also have a subpar experience if you go with the flow I guess and are less proactive. Idk if that makes sense. 

Feel free to private message me, I can give you my email and answer more specific questions. 

Mar 4, 19 12:08 pm

Hi! I just sent you a PM; but I also got into Pratt this year and am trying to learn more about it.


I also was accepted for the M Arch I, I really am considering going there, if people who graduate from Pratt could recommend professors for the first year I would really appreciate it. 

Mar 4, 19 9:03 pm
On the Brink
Save yourself some money and don’t go. You’ll be paying back huge loans for years. I haven’t used one thing they taught me at school in the real world. Also you don’t get to choose your first professor when you get there, it’s handed to you. Professors are chosen by lottery. May have changed since I’ve been there but I honestly doubt it, it takes decades for a school to shift gears, don’t be a statistic.
Mar 4, 19 9:39 pm

hey On The Brink, since you went there I'm just wondering how big their M.Arch program is?

On the Brink

When i was there a few years ago it was about 50 kids.  You're probably better off picking up the phone and asking about their current enrollment.

Mar 5, 19 8:40 pm

How were the student bodies in your M.Arch classes, On The Brink and Shazam? High quality of students and high levels of motivation? How do firms regard the program?

Mar 6, 19 12:41 pm

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