The Bartlett's interview, MArch RIBA part2


Hi everyone,

This is the first time I post here. I come from Taiwan and apply the Bartlett's 2-year MArch program this year. 

My portfolio was delivered to London in late January, and yesterday morning I finally received the mail of interview invitation. It says: 

We have now reviewed your application for the above course and should be pleased if you would attend for interview with Professor CJ Lim on Sunday 28th April 2019 

Please bring your portfolio of design work with you. You should go to Salon 1, Mid-Floor, Grand Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong.

I have asked is it possible to schedule my interview a bit early or have it via Skype, both answers are negative, which means I have to book a flight ticket to Hong Kong for the interview.  And of course I will.

However, I got some questions about the interview.

1.One of my friends got a same mail too, but he will have the interview on 3rd March via Skype. Does anyone know why they ask me to an interview in person rather than on the internet ? Because of my portfolio works or just no reason?

2.What should I prepare for the interview ? Now I plan to bring my full version portfolio with some hand drawings of my works. Maybe some prototype models (very small) from my thesis as well.

3. As I understand, UCL uses rolling admission policy and I am afraid on 28th April they will tell me there is no quota for the program anymore. My college friend encountered this sad situation 2 years ago.

4. Last, any portfolio feedback is welcome. Here is the link:

Thanks for your time.

Feb 26, 19 12:36 pm

Hi yanfenchan

Congrats on your shortlisting - I wouldn't worry too much on personal or Skype interview - perhaps luck of the draw - 

Interviews are two way - they want to convince you also that the Uni will be a good fit for your future career - 

for Prep with CJ - would look at your projects and construct narratives of idea to place - is there a difference that you think your project would make to society such as climate, political, inequality. His studio work looks at smaller scale, creates typologies and scales the projects up to a new future society - 

Develop narratives for your strongest and weakest projects -

good luck!

Feb 27, 19 3:58 am

Thanks a lot! I don’t quit understand the meaning of what you say “ the university want to convince me...”. Could you explain it more clearly?


Universities know students have many choices for their studies - so often Unis will go out of their way to make certain to discuss what the programme is about so you choose their institution - A bit of selling what their about -


Hi Yanfen Chan,

  Don't worry about the time. It seems time for their interview in HK is not fixed for every year. For example, last year was around mid of April.

 As for the preparation, during the interview, they would most probably just let you go through your portfolio submitted before and ask you some questions according to what they are curious from your portfolio and cv. But of course it is always better to prepare more material.  

Good luck!

Apr 9, 19 5:56 am

Thanks for replying!


And, yes I will prepare additional material like more drawings and a new arranged portfolio. BTW, I got a mail from them which quotes :
Please note the interviewer has requested the following additional work from you:

"Please bring construction packages / detail drawings that the you have completed in your Year-out”.案

I’ll bring some drawings of my current work to the interview as well. But they are not typical cd drawings


Very exciting! I would also prepare 2-3 questions to show your interest in the school/Professor Lim.

Apr 9, 19 1:18 pm

Hi yanfenchan, 

I was wondering if you have any updates on your interview with the Bartlett? Have they responded yet with a decision? If so, how long did they take to get back to you?

May 14, 19 9:06 pm

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