Looking too far into the future: Post Architectural Technology Degree.


Fresh out of high school I was told I should get a university degree. Three years in, after completing the courses necessary for BA electives and a classics minor, i realized it really wasn't what I was looking for then. I decided to move into cooking as a career instead. Nearly ten years later, having moved up as high as I wanted, I realized that my future was very bleak in that career. I wanted better for life and ended up getting a government (Canada) sponsorship for trade school; I'm finishing my first year of architectural engineering technology now (a certified degree that's more based towards AutoCAD/revit, structural, materials, codes side of things than a general Arch degree).

(See courses in particular for a better idea of the program)

I'm enjoying it all and am interested in my future, which I'm thinking will be more so in the BIM side of the industry. I can get lost in details and love the idea of the design complexities and problem solving that's involved in that. But, again, I'm only a first year and could just be talking idealisticly out of my ass.

Post degree I can go back into university and upgrade my professional Technology Degree to a Bachelor of technology. This is highly recommended by the school if you want to be more so project manager/lead instead of just a lesser team part. (Which, based on my experiences so far in life, I will be more interested in)

I'm also interested in finishing my old degree, given that I just need to complete a major (~45 credits), both from ideally a professional and future standpoint, but also from a personal want to finish something I started so long ago. The majors that are available to me that seem most relevant to my current arch eng tech would be computer science, geography, pure math, stats, with everything else being less relevant Arts majors.

My questions would be:

1. Given the context of my diploma and what I've said, does it make sense to go on to do the bachelor of tech (online and part time while working) after I finish my degree and find a Job? I don't know the industry at all, but a general concept from expertise would be very helpful.

2. Would there be any professionally driven reasoning in me finishing my degree with any of those (or another Arts) majors, or would it more so just be a personal thing? Even if it was personal, which major do you think would hold most relevance to the industry and my future career?

Keeping in mind that I plan on completing the degree in tiny pieces over a longer time period and it will take a back seat to my current schooling and future career experience.

Thank you for any help or thoughts offered!

Feb 23, 19 3:07 pm
Non Sequitur

Cool story, but what are you looking for here?  Technologist are big parts of most mid to large offices and many construction management companies hire them to run BIM models (for pricing, class detection, construction coordination, etc.)  The problem is, you need real world experience to get anywhere as only knowing the software won't get you very far.  Just know that you will still either need to complete an accredited master's degree or complete the RAIC sylabus if you expect to become an architect.  

If that's not the case, look into your local college for construction management courses.  I see tonnes of these folks on the job site.  Some are great, more are clueless pitbulls.

Feb 23, 19 4:19 pm

Do you have a few minutes to read what I wrote? Because it seems like you haven't checked through anything past the first line.


I know I don't have any experience, hense why I said that and asked this here. I don't plan on continuing through to get licenced as an architect with my current plans, which is also why I stated what my plans were and asked for those with experience to advise if they could.

Non Sequitur

I read your whole post and gave you a real answer. Must be a Newfie thing.


Being rude and discriminating against someone for being from somewhere is awfully dated. Hopefully you're just having a rough day, I wish you all the best.


yalo my man. You said "The majors that are available to me that seem most relevant to my current arch eng tech would be computer science, geography, pure math, stats, with everything else being less relevant Arts majors." You are all over the map. There is a reason why Architecture is a professional degree. It requires unconditional focus at a very specific skillset that doesn't overlap a bunch of other things. What do you actually want? Your post is a word salad that doesn't differentiate much from how you dropped out in the first place.

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