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Good day,

I and my partner are freshmen and will be doing a model (our very first one) of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum and we would like to ask some recommendations from this community on how to do it and what kind of material that we could use.

We greatly appreciate your suggestions and for taking time to read this!

Feb 23, 19 11:48 am
Non Sequitur

cnc out of a solid block of aluminum. 

Feb 23, 19 12:27 pm

Conversely, 3D print out of aluminum spool, same effect

Feb 23, 19 1:08 pm

This right here.

Feb 23, 19 1:34 pm

Also lots and lots and lots of these. Buy in bulk, keep your blade sharp.

Also, and I'm not kidding: if you've never built a model before then get the materials you plan to sue and try building something like this first. It will give you a sense of how the material handles. *Then* tackle the Guggenheim.

I always recommend getting some cardboard boxes and try to make a prototype first then take the prototype apart and use it as a template to cut out your final model parts.  No need to burn through expensive materials and lab time on experimenting. Almost everything used in the Guggenheim started out as a flat sheet or straight stock of material that was bent welded or formed into the shapes that make the architecture.  

This should be a fun project.  Always take the time estimated to do this and double it as model building is full of surprises and minor setbacks. And as my favorite studio instructor said 'NEVER CUT THINGS WHILE TIRED!"

Over and OUT

Peter N

Feb 24, 19 10:32 am

Look into Gehry's El Croquis, tons of model pictures in there as reference. Stiff boards like museum board or cardboard won't get you the curved surfaces you'll need. 

Feb 25, 19 3:11 am

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