Accredited online degree in Architecture


I have always wanted to pursue a degree in architecture but had to go work from a young age and architecture seems to be the only degree for which I can't find an accredited course online. Am I right in thinking so? 

Feb 22, 19 6:37 pm

The structure of a typical architectural education is at odds with being online. 

I don't know if I'd recommend Boston Architectural College for quality, but they're probably the closest option to the learning model you're looking for.

Feb 22, 19 7:31 pm

Maybe you should know what you're talking about before offering false information. Do a simple Google search and you'll see there are plenty of accredited online only programs.


Do you not know how to Google? There are plenty of schools that offer accredited online only architecture degrees.

I wouldn't recommend them to you though because you're obviously mentally disabled. Oh wait actually... maybe an online architecture degree is perfect for you.

Feb 23, 19 2:02 am

Any online degree in any major is probably going to have the mail-order-diploma taint.  Get a real brick and mortar degree.

Feb 23, 19 10:28 am

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