Other majors related to architecture


I have M.Arch and in the future I have plan plan to get back to academia and maybe for other majors or PhD

I'm wondering what type of majors do you recommend so that I will be useful for my architectural career

I was thinking about business development but I don't know much about business in academy and possible majors if someone can help me I would appreciate.

Or I personally love animation and digital art but I'm not sure about it whether it will be as useful as business major for my architectural career.

Also studying Environment would another choice that I think will be useful and I'm wondering does anyone recommend any of these? or which one would be more useful.

Feb 20, 19 11:00 am
Non Sequitur

Hiding from the real world by staying in perpetual academia.  Classic move.

Feb 20, 19 11:13 am

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