Does anyone know about newschool of architecture and design in San diego


Does anyone know newschool of architecture and design in San Diego.I  want to apply for master`s program in interior design but I am wondering how good it is

Feb 19, 19 6:23 pm

It's the best school architecture school west of the Mississippi. Apply there with no regrets.

Feb 20, 19 6:46 pm
It’s not very good. If you must stay in San Diego and can’t make the commute to LA, Woodbury is marginally better. Otherwise there are no other arch programs in San Diego. If you care at all about status consider the LA schools and a commute.
Feb 21, 19 7:51 am

SDSU has an interiors program I think. Worth looking into and it's going to be cheaper. 

Feb 25, 19 4:55 pm

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