TU Delft rejection letter, seeking for feedback for my portfolio


My application was rejected by TU Delft last few days. I would like to have some helpful feedback from you. I really want to improve my portfolio and seek for help.

I graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering at Taiwan. Because I have not undergone any professional architecture training, mostly I learned the skills from online sources. I thought my three works in the portfolio could demonstrate my ability in construction(due to civil engineering background), architecture design and programming skills.

I have seen some post about TU Delft rejection letter on the Archinect, and here is my rejection letter from TU Delft:

Your application has been rejected for the following reason(s):
- The Selection Committee considers the quality of your portfolio insufficient.
- There is not sufficient demonstration in the portfolio of an academic approach to the subject of architecture,
meaning a critical, thoughtful and open attitude to design, and the ability to link conceptual understanding with
practice. There is not sufficient evidence in the portfolio of experience in problem based, solution-oriented and
coherent approaches to the discipline of architecture and to the relationship between research and design. The
portfolio does not demonstrate sufficient knowledge of architectural typology and composition. Basic knowledge of
applied building technology is not clearly demonstrated.

Here is my portfolio:

Any constructive comment will be helpful.

Though I know it is not easy to switch major, I do really like architecture design, especially digital design, and I will keep seeking any possibility for it.

Thanks :)

Feb 19, 19 12:42 pm

Hi JimYaun, 

Think you're perhaps a mis-match with Delft.  The 2 year programme +12-15 Mon enhancement is really for students with "A university bachelor's degree in a main subject closely related to the MSc programme to which you are applying" It is clear by looking at what is required in the portfolio, they are looking for 'Built environment projects' where you addressed site, context, etc.  Your portfolio does not do that at any level (sorry_)

In the EU, Professional Architectural Programmes require a min 4 years in arch education.  

Suggest you rethink your strategy.  In the US, Certain your portfolio would be fine for MArch programmes that do not require previous architectural degrees. These programmes are type 3-3.5 years and are designed to build excellence on your past studies.

You might have a chat with Delft admissions - on your chances if you apply again.

2nd, you might consider doing a 1 year Architectural Masters (non-professional) in the UK - Bartlett has excellent programmes. THEN reapply to Delft. 

Good Luck - my favourite students have all been from Taiwan!

Feb 20, 19 6:11 am

Yes, I am considering about Bartlett's Architectural Computation programme ,and I am afraid you might be right about the portfolio. The reason why I chose TU Delft is that I know they are good at parametric design, so I kinda want to make my portfolio showing some strength about that. Thank to be honest on the portfolio part and please do not be sorry. Thank you for this supportive comment!


Not sure how much time you're willing to invest but in NL there's also a different route towards becoming an architect, especially when you don't have the "right" background. It's offered at Academies of Architecture where you work in an office parallel to studying in the evenings and on Fridays:


Thanks, I will consider it. I will check their webpage. Thanks for your information!


hey, can I ask how long did you wait for hearing from TU Delft? I'm sending my application soon

Mar 6, 19 7:18 am

Did you check their website? Hope you're in the EU otherwise you missed the deadline by a month or two...


yes I'm from Eu so I still have time


In that case good luck and try contacting them directly +31(0)15 et cetera.


yes I'm from EU so I still have time 

Mar 6, 19 8:35 am

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