Urban Planning and Policy Design


Hi ! 

I have graduated from B.Sc. Architecture and I have been admitted to Politecnico di Milano/ M.Sc. Urban Planning and Policy Design.

Although, I have always liked the topics on urbanism and I have always enjoyed in the urban analysis part of the very beginning of the architectural design studios, I have doubts about Urban Planning and Policy Design master track. First of all, I am curious about what is the Polimi's approach to this field ? Is it more based on urban design or urban planning ? Secondly, I am comfortable with studying Urban Planning but also, I really like architecture. In school life, those topics are related to each other but what is the situation in reality ? Do you think urban planning could be beneficial to work in architecture and urbanism based offices ? Or in reality, are those independent fields? 

I am non- european student and I have already studied architecture for 4 years and I still really like architecture. But, I don't want to repeat same things in master too. Therefore, I thought different field could be more advantagous for me but now those questions are confusing me.

I am open to any critism about university or the field. 

Thanks in advance !

Feb 18, 19 3:18 pm

hi, I got accepted at polimi in UPPD for 2020, what is your outlook about this course if you have studied it?

Feb 8, 20 10:30 am

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