Is it worth getting licenced as an architect through the RAIC Sylabus program in Canada?



I am wondering if anyone here has had any experience with the sylabus program recently and if I could get some advice on pursuing this option to become an architect.

I have a Drafting and Design diploma as well as a Power Engineering diploma which is not a professional engineering degree just to clarify because some people get confused by the name. It is just a diploma but I have gained useful knowledge through both of the programs I went through. I have spent 4 years in school and have finally started doing something I actually like doing at 23 years old. I work at an architecture firm in a beautiful location with some great coworkers. I am doing drafting and design work but have always had a strong attraction to becoming an architect and regret not doing that in the first place. I thought the schooling was too long of a process but I am more focused on stuff that really matters now and have decided to spend my career in the architecture field.

My dilemma now though is that I really want to become an architect as I always have but now I really don’t want to go back to school and build up even more student loans and start my career over again when I am 30. So I have been thinking lately that the RAIC sylabum program might be the best way  for me to accomplish what I want to while still being able to save money and build up career capital. 

If anyone has any experience with the program or knows someone that has done it and is willing to share their thoughts or advice it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks a lot!

Feb 17, 19 12:38 am
Non Sequitur

 the syllabus is built for people in your situation. It’s long but it will allow you to gain the required education while maintaining your career path. Hopefully there is an active RAIC circle in your area. 

Feb 17, 19 7:55 am

Okay thanks for the info! I have read that it will take 7 or more years? Has this been what you have see
n in the past as well?


Have you ever heard of anyone being able to get accepted to a masters program after completing all or some of the sylabus program?

Non Sequitur

The RAIC is an alternative to the M.Arch... there are no cross-overs and you need to pick either one. The RAIC is typically 7y unless you get some credit for existing coursework. This is a case-by-case thing so can't say much.


Okay good to know. Thanks!


My advice is to set realistic deadlines for completion. Have a plan. Have a plan. Have a plan.

I have a coworker who's been "1 year away" from finishing.... for like 4 years now.  

Have a plan.

Feb 17, 19 9:16 am

Okay thanks for the advice! Have you ever heard of anyone getting accepted into a masters program for architecture after completing some or all of the sylabus program or is that something that’s not even possible. Just wondering if my two diplomas, work experience at an architecture firm, some sylabus courses and a good portfolio would get me even close to being accepted into a masters program. Or is that stric
tly for university graduates?

Non Sequitur

M.arch require a bachelor degree (at the very least) for acceptance. The RAIC Syllabus is not a bachelors... not even close.


Okay thanks for the information!

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