Internship in Amsterdam after my BA


I’m a soon graduate doing my Bachelor in Germany this summer and I’m really interested in doing a 6 month internship in an architecture office in Amsterdam before I start my MA. 

(1) However I can’t find any decent information about salary for interns in Holland. Some websites say that interns in average receive around 500 Euros per month which is clearly not enough to even pay my rent(!) In Germany we get paid minimum wage (around 9 Euros/h) if you do an internship for longer than 3 month. I can’t really believe that this is true since I’d get higher payment working in the supermarket. Do you have any information on that??

(2) Also I read that in Holland its not even allowed to take interns outside of school. If you are a graduate you can only work as a normal employee which I think is harder to find a job for. But why should I not be able to make an internship as graduate? Would it then be smarter for me to rather apply for normal employment than for an internship??

I hope someone can give me advice and knows about the salary situation. Thanks

Feb 15, 19 2:21 pm

It's only an internship if you're still studying therefore it's also only €500-750 per month, you're there to learn. You should then arrange Leonardo/Erasmus additional support/grant to pay your rent. Or...apply as a recent bachelor graduate with 0 years experience when searching sites like or, or when approaching offices directly, good luck!

Feb 15, 19 4:04 pm

Intern pay is between 300 and 700 euros, 500 being typical. You cannot be an intern if you already graduated unless you do some kind of Erasmus scheme. Also Rotterdam has cheaper rent than Amsterdam...something to consider when looking for jobs.

PS. good timing, everyone needs interns right now.

Feb 16, 19 2:01 pm

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